Harcourt’s Tea House E-commerce Website (Offline)

Harcourt’s Tea House is a family run business owned by my mum (Linda), working with my sister (Gemma) and Brother (Dug). I do not take much part in the running of the shop and business other than the occasional visit and bit of business, but we needed a website to promote our products online so I decided to go ahead and do so.

The website was created using BigCommerce which has proved to be a very useful e-commerce development tool. Most of the website is self-maintained but I make sure the products and orders are up to date. I do most of the design, art and logo’s myself along with some input from my sister (Gemma).

Ian Harcourt-Smith Personal Website

I decided to create a website to promote myself and keep my information and progress together in one place, here I can show my projects, games, websites and software to share with anyone interested.

The website was created using WordPress and is a simple design with useful information sectioned onto a few pages.

Moonstone Aerials Business Website

Moonstone Aerials is a family run business owned by Kirsten and Andy Manuel and they specialise in aerial and satellite installations.
The website was created using WordPress which seems to work well.

I occasionally updated the website with new images and functionality.

Hastings Lions Club Website Charity Website

Hastings Lions Club is the Hastings facility of the Lions Club charity, they help in Hastings and surrounding areas. I was brought on to bring their website up to date as it has been a long time since they put any work into their old website.

The website was created using Wix as it was needed to be developed quickly and with minimum maintenance.
I was working on bringing the website up to standard and keeping it up to date with new images and news.

In development