Speed Typer


The idea is based on the classic speed typing games, seeing how fast you can move your hands around the keyboard to press the keys and complete the challenges with high scores.
The designs was to be simple, easy to use and quick.

Give it a try here: https://github.com/IanEarnest/Speed-Typer/releases/tag/0.1.1 


Made using Unity 3D, coded all in GUI.
No sounds and lack of graphics.



It began with everything on the same page, a squashed layout with everything in one place, the game worked simply but needed expanding on design and gameplay.


Design change

Changing the design and adding features to improve the user experience to get the most out of a small and simple idea, spacing out content was important for user interaction. The game needed re-coding to fit with this design, along with more features made need for more pages and buttons which also caused more bugs.



This is the stage it is currently in, with graphics being added and bugs being fixed, there are still problems and the design and code needing to be re-worked, but there is not much left to complete.