Space Marbles

About/ Idea

A physics based puzzle game based on a personal game jam.
Give it a try here:

Creation of a basic game using the Unity game engine, to get started with game development and deploy a working app on the play store and within a limited time span to finish a project.

Simple game, basic, complete
2013 – Personal game jam, create a game to learn about development lifecycle
2014 – Uploaded to Github
2015 – Continued a little with more features/ levels
2015 – Play store updates – Target audience, ads
2021 – recreate game to add to portfolio


Made using Unity, coded in C#.


2014, Word Doc created, it began with a plan, starting with a mock-up and then to follow with a proof-of-concept.

Gamejam – Visual studio 2008 – Unity 4.1.5f1 – Aug 2014 uploaded to Github
48 hours to make something and put it on the play store/ web player.
Originally made with Unity 4.1.5f1,
works with Unity 4.7.2

-Top down view, frozen on the Z axis
-Using rigidbody and collisions
-Two cameras, scroll
-WASD movement
-Text mesh based GUI
-made for web player
-size 30mb total project

Project contents

6 basic materials + physics material

Prefabs for all game objects used in the scenes

4 levels and a main menu

2 scripts

Main menu script
-Mesh renderer enabling and disabling
-Using raycasts for mouse clicks

Shooting script
-Raycasts for mouse clicks
-WASD movement
-Target hitcheck
-Capsule/ Mouse icon
-OnGUI for UI

Publishing unity game to:
-Android app store
-Uploaded to Github


1. I first took a look at the play store version on my android phone.

This was the most updated version, with a coins system, level unlocks and the potential for ads.

2. Finding my project files and the different versions stored over the years.

3. Opening the project files required previous versions of Unity which I had to download.
-Downloaded versions 4.7.2, 4.1.5 and 5.5.5, alongside my 2020 LTS versions
-Original project = D:\Projects\Unity!Unity (before 2018)\Backups\Space Marbles
Finding the project version =
(D:\Projects\Unity\Space Marbles\Space Marbles\Library\$.asset)

4. Organizing old versions and updating Space Marbles Github
-Comparing files using Visual Studio Tools.DiffFiles
-Changing and separating versions to match changes and extracting builds

Android emulator for Visual Studio to test out APK builds

Remake 2021

Reimported assets to compare and then built from scratch to replicate


1.0 (2013 july) first upload – kongregate
-Top down view, frozen on the Z axis
-Using rigidbody and collisions
-Two cameras, scroll
-WASD movement
-Text mesh based GUI
-made for web player
-size 30mb total project
-6 basic materials + physics material
-Prefabs for all game objects used in
the scenes
-4 levels and a main menu
-2 scripts

1.1 (2014) Github upload
Various changes
-Brighter light
-8 levels
-Movement defaulted to off
-Font size/ char size increase
-UI changes

1.2 (2015) Unity 5 + WebGL
-update to WebGL
-rigidbody = getcomponent
-First apk build
-other UI attempts

1.3 (2015) Mobile development
-Unity Version 5.5.5
Menu changed –
-removed move speed
-quit added
-unlocking levels
Shooting changed –
-line renderer
-multiple target spheres/ changed levels
-GUI scale varies
-unlocks for levels
-PlayerPrefs for coins

1.4 (2018 aug) Unity 2018.4 Ads (Current on Play Store)
-attempted ads
-Target android 28
-target audience and content (under 5),
-Privacy Policy (LINK USED)
-Github Pages (a branch from github the repository))

1.5 (2021 july) Unity 2020
Foundations set… restructure/ remade
-TextMesh Pro GUI started/ limited functionality – menu and in game
-“Classic” game mode for Version 1.0 integrated
-Levels 1-8 remade
-Level 9 and Level 10 added
-Scripts adjustments – game has limited functionality
-GameGUI, ButtonsActions, GameManager, GunScript

-shot power slowed
-spinning cursor slowed
-instructions added
-obsolete code changes
Application.LoadLevel(3); // changed

-Game GUI/ code
-Shot power, Spheres, Targets and main game functionality
-Prefabs/ scenes setup
-Line renderer, tag layer added


Menu UI, Game UI, Level Over UI
-update UI texts
-highlight/ color when open
-nothing happen on repeat click
-same size panels
-close buttons
-button – selected color(darkblue), highlited color(grey)
-selected = show panel
-play, classic, quit… select level and buttons on right + move details to right