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Auto Clicker

I created an auto clicker using Unity in which it has a time delay on the position you choose to click, and then returns the mouse to previous position.
While playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive competitive mode I wanted to make sure I could confirm a match while I am away such as getting a drink or laying back listening to music or using my phone while I wait for the match to load and not need to worry about missing the button.
Screenshot_2017-03-21-09-43-00 - Copy

Android Force WiFi

I have had a lot of issues with my WiFi on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I tried a lot of apps and change of settings but nothing would budge. The WiFi And Bluetooth seem to be damaged somehow and my app does not always fix the WiFi my phone because of this.
The app allows you to turn WiFi on and off and check the current condition of the WiFi. You can also toggle for the WiFi to keep attempting to turn the WiFi on, these buttons are also available on the notification bar to allow you to perform the actions of the app at any time.