Matching Memory Game


A project to create a game to play with family online, Matching Memory Game (aka. Concentration)

Give it a try here:


The game of ‘Concentration’ is also commonly known as ‘Memory Match’, ‘Match’, ‘Matching Pairs’, ‘Memory’, ‘Pelmanism’, ‘Pexeso’, ‘Pairs’ and “Kai-awase”.


Made using Visual Studio 2019, coded in C# and maintained in Jira.



June 26, 2020, Word Doc created, it began with a plan, starting with a mock-up and then to follow with a proof-of-concept.

Local only

June 29, Starting with a local game, implementing the logic and playing single player and then creating moves between players on one machine.

Server Connection

July 10, With each commit the project was getting more complicated and the need for a server connection involved learning SQL and DBMS technologies.
Here I was using Windows Wingdings font to simulate pictures, and connecting to Remote MySQL to allow specific IP address players to connect, the scores were tracked but the game board was not shared and it was limited to 2 players.

Server Connection part 2

July 12, moving away from using colour on icons to see differences and a tidy up with the code, I added shared games and Asynchronous play (partial).

Back of the cards

July 19, added a back to each card and improving features, the Asynchronous code has gotten a bit messy here and some errors, so I will go back to learning Threading.

Server Connection part 3

Aug 22, tidied up a few features, fixing bugs and changing Asynchronous code.